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RotaTeq, a vaccine manufactured by Merck & Co., that received FDA approval in February of 2006, is currently being investigated for a connection to a condition called intussusception. Intussusception is a very serious and life threatening condition that causes the intestines to twist and form blockages. It is a fairly rare condition, but more than 28 cases have been reported lately in various infants throughout the United States. Since its approval, over 3 million doses have shipped and/or utilized worldwide. The FDA recalled the first intussusception prevention drug some eight years ago due to serious side effects it caused in hundreds of infants. Although no studies have definitely shown a link between RotaTeq to intussusception thus far, numerous studies and projects are being conducted on the new drug. If you have a baby that was given RotaTeq and developed intussusception, please contact one of our personal injury attorneys immediately to further discuss your potential case free of charge.

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