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Everyone who has ever driven on a public highway or interstate has seen tractor-trailers (aka semis or 18-wheelers) and knows how dangerous they can be if not operated properly. A recent trucking accident on I-75 involving a tractor-trailer is just the latest example. In this rather bizarre accident, a truck driver side swiped a patrol car and careened into an ambulance that had just responded to a previous accident on the same roadway.

According to

“While I was sitting down in my car writing down my paperwork, I hear brakes and a tractor trailer goes sliding by me,” says Trooper Warren Crumpley. It happened around 7:00 a.m. near mile marker 132.

He had only been on scene for about 10 minutes, parked on the shoulder with three other vehicles, when the 18-wheeler going southbound jackknifed on the slick roads and careened toward Crumpley’s squad car.

The highway patrol said the driver of the tractor-trailer, 44-year-old Christopher Thomas, of Lawrence, Georgia will be charged with failure to maintain control of his vehicle, violating the state’s move over law and log book violations.

Although this accident did not result in any life-threating injuries or deaths, it is yet another illustration of an accident that easily could have been avoided if the truck driver had just been paying attention and not operated his vehicle in such a reckless manner. We have enough trucking and auto accidents on our roadways, we do not need senseless others like this one adding to the list.

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