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Two people from Dalton, Georgia were killed when they were riding on a motorcycle and were sideswiped by a pickup truck.

The victims were 39 year old Ty Woods and 29 year old April Lynthlin. April was in the latter stages of pregnancy, according to Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The truck sideswiped the motorcycle on Highway 225 South in Murray County. 55 year old David Sloane from Dalton drove the Ford Ranger pickup. He crossed the center line Sunday night and hit the motorcycle.

Currently, an investigation is being done by the state patrol’s Specialized Collision Reconstruction Team.

This is a tragedy and our thoughts are with Ty Woods’ family and April Lynthlin’s family.


  1. Gravatar for Doug

    The media is calling this a "sideswipe" but I went to the scene, and saw that the motorcycle was hit less than 5 feet from where it landed in the ditch. If it had been a sideswipe, then the motorcycle would have continued on it's path or some deflected course. Instead it went almost directly into the ditch at a perpendicular angle from the spot of impact. This was definately a HEAD ON collision where the impact occured about 1 foot from the white line on the side of the road. This means the truck was was more than 5 feet into the other lane. I wish a reporter would take hold of this and get to the bottom of what happened that night.

  2. Gravatar for john drew hager
    john drew hager

    Ty Woods was one of the coolest guys you could meet. I was fortunate enough to know him through playing pool which he was a very good player. Why do the good die young? My condolences are offered to the families of Ty and April.

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