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In a deadly accident last week involving a vehicle and a train, one woman died after her vehicle became stuck on the tracks of the train. The train accident, which occurred in Taylors, South Carolina, involved a 73-year-old woman, Betty Van Sisk, who could not get across the tracks before the crossing arms came down as the train approached the intersection. The impact from the train forced Sisk’s vehicle into a power line pole immediately before coming to a final resting point in a nearby ditch.

State Troopers have indicated that an ongoing investigation is currently being conducted into why Sisk was not able to get out of the train’s path. From my knowledge and experience with other accidents of this nature, the causes of the collision, other than any negligence that may or may not have been occurred on Sisk’s behalf, could be attributed to a number of things such as: improper maintenance of the tracks, improper maintenance of the crossing arm equipment, train operator fatigue, and/or operator error. Regardless of who is initially thought to be at fault for the accident, a full investigation should be launched beyond what the authorities typically do in these type of accidents. Thus in situations like this it is imperative to contact a personal injury attorney with the requisite experience and expertise immediately to fully investigate the facts and circumstances surrounding such an accident because over time crucial evidence needed to prove one’s case will inevitably be lost.

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