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This past Sunday a man from Hogansville, Georgia died in a car accident, reports the Ledger-Enquirer. Around 9:40 p.m., David Garner, only 27 years old, drove his car on Keith Road just south of Hogansville. He drove his car onto the shoulder and according to officers with the LaGrange State Patrol post, David “over-corrected his steering, causing the car to overturn several times.”

He was also not wearing his seat belt while driving the car. Because David was not wearing his seat belt at the time of this car accident, he was ejected from the car.

Investigators do not suspect alcohol or drugs were involved at this time.

This is tragic and our thoughts are with David’s friends and family.

Do you know what do to if you are in a car accident? As our past post discussed, here is what you need to know if you are in a car accident:

Immediately call the police. When the police arrive, they know exactly what to do. The police will also create a police report after interviewing all witnesses and determining who is at fault.

Make sure everyone else is safe.

Gather information. You must get the other driver’s information such as the vehicle’s VIN number, insurance information, and license plate number.

Seek medical attention/help. Car accidents can cause serious injuries, even injuries that do not arise until much later after the car accident. It is important to see a doctor to evaluate your condition.

If you have a camera, take pictures of the cars involved in the accident.

Call/seek an attorney.

According to Ezine articles, there are several things you MUST not do after you are in a car accident:

Admit fault; leave the scene; wait for insurance companies to contact you or take too much time to call an attorney; sign anything without knowing what the papers say or means.

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