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A tractor trailer that reportedly caused a three car auto accident caused major delays to traffic and left one overturned vehicle demolished. Witnesses say the tractor trailer, which was not stuck in the accident, was the cause of the accident but left the scene of the accident despite the driver’s negligent actions. The driver of the demolished truck tried to avoid the tractor trailer and flipped over as a result. That driver was taken to Northeast Georgia Medical Center for the injuries he sustained along with the occupants of the other vehicles involved. Efforts to find the at fault tractor trailer driver are still ongoing according to authorities.

In Georgia, driver’s have an obligation by law to stop at the scenes of an accident. The tractor trailer driver the in accident obviously did not and therefore will have show why he did not when he is found.

This accident also brings up an interesting mistake of Georgia law that is commonly shared by many citizens: That a hit and run vehicle must make physical contact with a vehicle in order for their uninsured motorist insurance to cover the accident. In Georgia, this is not the law. In the event that an accident is caused by another vehicle, like the tractor trailer collision here, and no contact is made, all that is required is a witness, other than the driver making the claim, corroborate the event. The witness does not even have to be independent or unbiased, meaning the witness could be a spouse who was riding in the car at the time who is also seeking to make a claim under the policy for the injuries they sustained. For more information on how UM coverage works in situations like this or for more info on how to track down a hit run driver contact one of our personal injury attorneys today to see how we can help.

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