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In a recent study published by The Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, drivers who use their cell phone while driving are just as likely to cause an accident as those who drive while impaired on alcohol. The independent study used 40 volunteers who were either talking on their cell phones, driving while their blood alcohol content (bac) was .08 or were completely undistracted. The results are astounding.

According to YahooNews. com:

Three study participants rear-ended the simulated car in front of them. All were talking on cellphones and none was drunk, the researchers said.

“Driving while talking on a cell phone is as bad as or maybe worse than driving drunk,” said Drews, who said alcohol was involved in 40 percent of the 42,000 annual U.S. traffic fatalities.

Just like many people who have been drinking, the cellphone users did not believe themselves to be affected, the researchers found.

For more information on the dangers of cell phone use while driving click here….

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