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One of America’s favorite linked meats is now linked to a potentially harmful bacteria. Recently a meat company in Rhode Island has recalled 1.2 million pounds of pepper coated salami after reports of the meat being contaminated with the bacteria salmonella. This recall has come at the heels of an investigation that has caused over 203 people to become sick in over 38 states across the nation. Although Daniele, the company which produced the salami, has not officially admitted to a link between their meat products and the recent salmonella outbreak, they have recalled their meats in order to run further tests.

It was recently confirmed that the salmonella outbreak is a result of contaminated pepper which was supplied by a spice distributor called Wholesome Spice. Wholesome Spice is not the producer of the pepper, and although it still remains unknown as to where the contamination occurred, there might be other contaminated spices that were distributed to other companies such as Wholesome Spice. So although the distributor is known, the country or growth company which harvested or packaged the spice is still unknown.

Currently there are conflicting scientific reports that suggest the meat may have been contaminated by some other means than the pepper on the salami. Some suggest that the pepper may be a “quick fix” for the Daniele Company to begin producing their meats again.

Others, such as the food poison journal, suggest that there are even more cases of salmonella poisoning which were caused by the contaminated meat but have not yet been realized by the poison control centers. Although this theory may be true, salmonella also has the ability to be transferred by other means instead of consumption of meat. Transportation of salmonella poisoning through contaminated water and from person to person are other pathways which one could inherit the bacteria. It would appear that on a whole, the amount of contaminated salami, and the actual impacts of this contamination are still relatively unknown.

With any bacteria outbreak, it is important to stay informed and alert as to the developing circumstances. Articles, such as those found on (ex: should be consulted and considered when taking measures to stay protected. If you believe you have consumed any food that was improperly handled, prepared, or packaged, it is important you contact not only the appropriate medical personnel, but also a competent attorney that can ensure you rights are protected.

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    Brandon West

    Does Daniele sell salami under different brand names? Or more importantly, different private labels to deli's?

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