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The Insurance Commissioner of Georgia, John W. Oxendine, has levied a $500,000 fine against Safeway Insurance Company of Georgia and told them they either better shape up or ship out. After years of low balling those injured from the negligence of Safeway insured drivers, Mr. Oxendine has publicly told the company their polices for handling claims has led to numerous violations of Georgia Law. The Commissioner’s office has placed Safeway on intense supervised probation for the next two years and threatened to kick them out of Georgia if they do not drastically changes their evaluation of auto related injuries. It is about time someone stood up for those injured through no fault of their own and addressed Safeway’s deplorable actions and policies.

According to the Atlanta Business Chronicle:

Oxendine has ordered Safeway to undergo quarterly examinations by an insurance department investigator to ensure claims are being handled fairly and expeditiously; to no longer override medical opinions on bodily injury cases without just cause; to revamp procedures for evaluating payments on vehicles that have been declared total losses, to issue refunds for claimants who were previously underpaid for claim; and to develop and implement a comprehensive training program for adjusters to ensure prompt and reasonable claims evaluations and payments.

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