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While doing road repair work on Atlanta’s busy Georgia 400, a 19-year-old Buchanan man was tragically killed Monday after his vehicle slammed into a concrete placer machine. According to Officer Justin Wilson of the Alpharetta police department, Kevin Clayton, deceased, was driving his vehicle down a closed lane of traffic on which his crew was making repairs to the roadway. The accident, which occurred near Old Milton Parkway, killed Clayton instantly. Although the event is still under investigation, authorities have stated they are not sure why Clayton’s vehicle struck the 60,000-pound concrete placer machine.

In times like this there is nothing that can be done to replace the loss all involved must be feeling. In most instances there is usually family members including a wife and dependant children that are affected the most. Once the healing process has begun, it is important to remember the family of Mr. Clayton, and others like him, may have a workers compensation claim against his employer for the fatal injuries sustained. Such claims can immensely aid the family members and children tragically left behind after such an unfortunate accident. In the worker’s compensation context, so long as the injured party was working at the time of the accident and the actions performed were in furtherance of the company’s interests, any injury sustained may be compensable. For more information on a possible claim under workers compensation contact one of our experienced personal injury attorneys by clicking here.

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