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If you have watched the news in Georgia for more than a few days, it will probably come as no surprise to you that dog bites and dog attacks are on a dramatic rise in our great state. The most recent illustration of this rise is shown in a pit bull attack on a Roswell woman that occurred earlier today. The woman was reportedly walking down her side walk when a pit bull broke away from its owner and viciously mauled the innocent Roswell woman who has not yet been identified.

According to

Neighbors tried to stop the attack by beating the dog with sticks and shovels, but “they didn’t phase him,” said Charles Tedford, president of the homeowners association in the Lake Forest subdivision, where the attack occurred.

The dog finally stopped and turned on a neighbor who had been hitting it with a shovel, biting him in the arm, McGee said.

The dog then turned to attack another neighbor who was approaching with a .45-caliber pistol. He killed the dog with one shot to the head, McGee said.

The woman, who was saved by neighbors responding to her screams, was in surgery Friday morning at North Fulton Regional Hospital for severe but non-life threatening injuries, said Roswell Police Lt. James McGee.

Attacks such as this are both tragic and preventable. The owners of dangerous dogs and/or vicious animals in Georgia are charged with the duty of adequately securing their animal to prevent dog bites and attacks such as this one. When owners breach this duty and expose others to personal injury and/or wrongful death, they should be held accountable for their careless actions. In many instances with dangerous dogs, attacks such as this one have happened before in the past and those events can serve to put owners on notice of the animal’s violent and dangerous tendencies. When this is the case, Georgia law provides its citizenry an opportunity to hold the liable parties accountable. Those injured or bitten by a dog or dangerous domestic animal should always seek to speak with a Georgia personal injury attorney to ensure their rights are adequately protected.

For more information on this subject, please refer to our section on Property Owners’ Liability.

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