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According to the latest information, the roof covering ConAgra’s peanut butter plant in Slyvester, Georgia is now being blamed for the recent peanut butter outbreak that gained nation attention last February. According to ConAgra, moisture from a leaky roof and an indoor sprinkler was the source of the plant’s contamination of salmonella that affected the lives of thousands of people all over the United States.

The plant’s roof leaked during a rainstorm, and the sprinkler system went off twice because of a faulty sprinkler, which was repaired.

The moisture from those three events mixed with dormant salmonella bacteria in the plant that Childs said likely came from raw peanuts and peanut dust.

She said the plant was cleaned thoroughly after the roof leak and sprinkler incidents, but somehow the salmonella remained and came in contact with peanut butter before it was packaged.

Having investigated hundreds of claims related to the peanut butter recall in Georgia and elsewhere, the “leaky roof” problem is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of finding the “real” source of the problem. It has been rumored that the more likely sources of the salmonella contamination was from animal feces and/or unsanitary conditions in the plant itself. An extremely well respected team of experts are scheduled to visit the ConAgra plant on Monday to do an independent assessment of the facilities to find out more information. To date, ConAgra has been very quite on matters relating to their facility given the thousands of personal injury suits they are now facing in Georgia and elsewhere around the country. Members of our firm will be in attendance at this inspection.

If you or a loved one has been affected by the recent peanut butter outbreak and had to seek treatment for you injuries, contact our team of personal injury attorneys to ensure your rights are protected. You may benefit from filing a peanut butter lawsuit to seek redress for the injuries you have sustained. You can also call 1-800-593-5446 to speak with someone right away about your situation.

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