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Yesterday a patient at the Meadowbrook Nursing Home went missing in the morning. The patient was a 65 year old with Alzheimer’s.

Darden, last seen around 8:30 a.m. was eventually found after 3 p.m. Dekalb Police Spokesman Officer Jason Gagnon, said that Darden was hiding in the nursing home.

Tom Collins, one of the nurses on duty says that Darden is safe and sound now.

Do you know how to find a suitable nursing home for your parent? From our past blog:

The first step is to evaluate what type of nursing home your parent should be placed in. If your parent has a type of medical condition requiring continuous monitoring, a skilled nursing home is suitable. However, if your parent’s needs are for help with activities of daily living, an intermediate facility is suitable. There are some facilities that have both of these options. If you are unsure of exactly what your parent needs, each of these places have people who can evaluate your parent and his or her specific needs to “find the right level of care.”

After determining your parent’s needs, then you want to narrow down the nursing homes choices.

Then you want to check the nursing home’s reports—those that you have narrowed down. Every nursing home should have copies of state licensing reports on-site because they are required to keep copies and show them upon request.

You may also consider spending time with your parent at the nursing home before making it permanent.

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