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Although dogs may be “man’s best friend” there still exists a very real danger from dog bites. Most dog bites are minor, but some dog attacks can be severe and in some cases – fatal. This is especially true when a dog attacks a child.

No community is thinking more about that today than those of Cobb County, Georgia. Just this week, one of Cobb County’s children – a seven year old whose name has yet to be released to the media – was attacked by a dog. The dog attack likely would have been fatal if it hadn’t been for twenty-six year old Errol Jones, who saw the attack and rushed to the rescue. Jones was across the street when an American Bulldog attacked the child. He was returning from the store with his sister. He saw the girl on the ground, screaming – and jumped into action. Even though the dog was big, Jones charged at the fierce animal thinking that the screaming child could have easily been one of his own nieces or nephews. Jones managed to save the girl, who is in “serious but stable condition” according to AJC Atlanta. Even though the dog was large and clearly dangerous, Jones showed no fear in executing the rescue.

Following the attack, authorities euthanized the 100-lbs. American Bulldog and canvassed the area for strays that could pose a similar risk. But the American Bulldog was not a stray – that dog was owned by Claudia Baez, who was charged with not having control of a vicious animal and not having the dog vaccinated against rabies. These charges are serious, but common when the owners of dogs that attack don’t prevent the attack. Some states, including Georgia, even have laws that impose strict liability for dog attacks, meaning that a dog owner will be held responsible for an attack regardless of fault. If you have an aggressive dog, find help now to avoid liability – and injuries to others.

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