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A class action has been filed against Kentucky Fried Chicken because of its menu with contains a staggering amount of trans fat. Insiders close to the case explain the suit is not about money. Instead, it is more about educating the public about the dangers of trans fat and to get the attention of the fast food chain who continually refuses to prepare its product in a more healthy way.

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“The class-action suit… asks that the court prohibit KFC from using partially hydrogenated oil, or that at the very least, signs be posted in KFC outlets notifying customers that many KFC foods are high in trans fat,” said a CSPI press release. The suit was filed in Superior Court of the District of Columbia.

According to the Food and Drug Administration, trans fat is made when vegetable oil is hydrogenated, or when hydrogen is added to it. This process increases the shelf life and flavor stability of these foods.

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