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The death of a loved one is tragic. People find different ways to cope with that tragedy. One method is to create homemade roadside memorials to commemorate a loved one’s life. For a long time those roadside memorials have served as a reminder for families that have lost loved ones. But that will not be the case any longer-at least without paying a $100 fee.

The Georgia Department of Transportation has decided that a white, circular sign will stand as the new reminder. The DOT announced Tuesday that family members could pay $100 for a 15-inch white sign to be erected on federal and state highways. The signs will read, "Drive Safely; In Memory (deceased’s name)" in black lettering. They will remain up for one year prior to being returned to the deceased’s family and will be positioned as close to the site of the accident as possible.

"It’s a great way for people who want to put something out there to legally honor the memory of their family or friend," DOT Deputy Press Secretary Jill Goldburg said of the new signs.

Goldburg said the $100 will cover the costs to manufacture, place and remove the sign. No additional money will be received by the DOT.

The new signs are intended to be a less disruptive alternative for grieving families, but is that going to be the actual effect? Is it possible that some families who want to honor a loved one will no longer be able to afford the cost? In addition, the memory won’t last forever. In fact, according to Goldburg, paying $100 more to have the sign stay up an additional year is not an option. Homemade memorials have long carried a special sentiment for grieving families. Is the new DOT regulation ruining that measure of consolation? Tell us your thoughts….

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  1. Gravatar for Mary

    Shame on the GA DOT! What has started as a personal expression to memorialize our family members, friends, etc, once again a part of our government has stepped in through it's greedy money making schemes by charging $100 for a plaque. Times are hard enough as it is and someone is always trying to make a buck off the American public. How dare they use people like this in their grief! I'm sick of it. No wonder there's a Tea Party movement! If anything those homemade memorials get people to slow down and think!!! Let them be GA DOT!

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