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Last night around 11 p.m. a hit and run vehicle struck and killed a 22 year-old Spartanburg man and seriously injured his friend. The police think Paul Sok, deceased, lost control of his motorcycle on U.S. 123 and a friend came to his aid. Shortly thereafter the hit and run vehicle stuck both of the men and never stopped to see if they were okay. At this point, the authorities are still not sure who was driving the vehicle.

As tragic as this episode is, the family of Sok and the friend who came to his aid may have a cause of action for their injuries even if they actual driver is not found and prosecuted. They may be able to proceed under what is called uninsured motorist coverage (UM). This type of insurance is only used in situations like this where the liable party either does not have enough insurance to cover the accident or cannot be located at all. In Georgia, all motorists have UM coverage in their own policies unless they have specifically excluded it. For more information about a possible UM claim, contact a personal injury attorney immediately to protect your rights.

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