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Boston Scientific Corporation recently issued another warning to physicians about another 996 defibrillators that may malfunction and leave its patients without sufficient protection from sudden cardiac death. The defect stems from a faulty low voltage capacitor which has been confirmed in over 30 defibrillators removed from patients since May 8, 2006. The Guidant division of Boston Scientific Corporation is based in Adren Hills and has continued to manufacture defibrillators since its take over on April 21.

According to Avram Goldstein of the Bloomberg News:

The defibrillator models affected by the capacitor problem are the Vitality DS, Vitality AVT, Vitality 2, Contak Renewal 3 and 4, and the Contak Renewal 4 AVT. The products were manufactured in March 2005 and all used a capacitor from a single supplier, the company told patients. In a letter to patients, the Guidant unit advised doctors to schedule in-clinic appointments for patients as soon as possible to check the batteries of those devices.

Defibrillators are implanted in the chests of heart-failure patients and wired directly to hearts to keep them from suddenly stopping, halting the circulation of blood throughout the body. When the device senses an abnormal heart rhythm, it fires high-voltage electrical pulses to restart the heart.

For more information on the New Guidant Warning click here….

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