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Jack Landskroner, a Cleveland Personal Injury Lawyer and our InjuryBoard partner from Ohio, recently posted a blog about a very important topic to keep in mind when dealing with personal injury claims: the statute of limitations. As Jack correctly points out, there is generally a very limited time frame for some who has been injured to file a claim in all states.

For instance, in Georgia, a person generally has two years from the date of an auto accident to either settle their claim completely or to have filed a valid lawsuit in order to protect their rights. If this time frame is not complicity complied with the claim will be lost forever and barred from being brought no matter how serious the injuries or egregious the conduct. Other areas of law such as medical malpractice, breach of contracts, and claims involving minors have varying statute of limitations in Georgia. If you have a question about a claim you may have, do not assume you know the statute of limitations, ask one of our personal injury attorneys to be sure and avoid your claim from being forever barred due to inaccurate information.

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