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In the aftermath of a horrifying and tragic tale, Timothy Kay, an Alpharetta native and Bluffton University baseball player gives his version of events that transpired in a deadly bus accident yesterday afternoon on I-75 in Atlanta, Georgia. Kay, the team’s ace pitcher, was one of the few that walked away from the bus accident with only minor cuts and scrapes. In all, 6 people died in the accident and at least 29 others suffered injuries ranging from minor cuts and bruises to life threatening complications. The Ohio baseball team’s driver was one of the six that did not survive the fatal bus accident.

According to the

After their bus jumped an overpass railing and plunged onto Interstate 75 on its way to spring training in Florida, surviving players described a scene where teammates helped each other get out and made sure the most injured got treated first.
Kay phoned home around 6 a.m., his father said. Kay described how he had been sleeping on the bus and “he woke up and he was on the ground,” his father said.
Ed Kay said he tried to ask his son for more details, such as where he had been sitting on the bus, but his son couldn’t remember.
“It was just a crazy scene,” he told his dad, who spent Friday filling in as a surrogate dad for his son’s teammates.

Further investigation is still under way to determine the exact reason for the tragic accident. Look here for more info on how the deadly bus accident occurred.

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