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Our law firm of Childers, Buck, & Schlueter, LLP in Atlanta, Georgia, along with our co-counsel firm the Law Offices of Eric H. Weinberg, of New Brunswick, NJ, has filed what is believed to the be the first peanut butter contamination lawsuit in the State of Georgia on February 22, 2007. The Georgia peanut butter lawsuit was filed in the State Court of Gwinnett County. This individual peant butter lawsuit was filed on behalf of Billy Duren of Homer, Georgia, after Mr. Duren required medical treatment and hospitalization due to his salmonella related injuries. According to the complaint, Mr. Homer experienced extreme diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, and abdominal pain after injesting Peter Pan and Great Value peanut butter.

This Georgia peanut butter lawsuit marks only the first of what is expected to be hundreds more peanut butter lawsuits to be filed on behalf of those seriously injured by contaminated peanut butter from the south Georgia ConAgra food processing plant. Although the exact reasons for the salmonella outbreak are still under investigation by the FDA, the contaminated peanut butter has been definitively linked to the Georgia ConAgra plant.

Mr. Weinberg and Mr. Childers have been contacted by injured parties and other attorneys from all over the country about the peanut butter salmonella outbreak, Mr. Weinberg said.

“We are carefully reviewing each inquiry to determine if we can assist people who believe they have suffered harm from this product,” he explained.

“In the case of the latest Salmonella outbreak, we plan on moving forward in a careful and thorough fashion,” Mr. Childers explained. “We will use all of the resources of the civil justice system to try to answer the questions raised by this recall and the people who have been affected by it.”

This team of attorneys has successfully resolved national cases with global corporations and has obtained over a billion dollars in settlements in the past decade.

If you or a loved one has been affected by contaminated peanut butter, give us a call at 1-800-593-5446 or send us a confidential message free of charge to ensure your rights are protected.

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