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Yesterday FDA said it found a toxic chemical called melamine in U.S. manufactured infant formula. They discovered a trace of melamine in samples of infant formula which was also discovered in dietary supplements by some of the same manufacturers who make the formula.

Recently, milk products traced with melamine made more than 50,000 children sick in China with the result of several deaths. U.S. ports have blocked products from China containing milk products until they are tested to show there are no traces of melamine.

NY Times reports FDA officials insist that these levels of melamine are so low, they do not pose a health threat. Judy Leon, an agency spokeswoman said, “There’s no cause for concern or no risk from these levels.”

FDA reports the contamination is most likely from food contact with something like a can liner. The company that made these products contaminated with melamine remain unknown.

Products recalled because of melamine contamination include varieties of Mr. Brown instant coffee and tea, White Rabbit Creamy Candy and Blue Cat Flavor Drink.

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