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Jack Landskroner, a fellow InjuryBoard partner and Cleveland Personal Injury Lawyer
recently brought up an important aspect concerning the Atlanta Georgia bus accident that resulted in six deaths and dozens of other injuries: Highway Design Defects. His post questioning a possible highway design defect as a contributing factor in the Atlanta bus accident is apparently well founded due to the numerous other accidents that have occurred in on this same exit ramp many times over. According to the National Transportation Safety Board, a full investigation has been launched to see if the exit ramp and roadway is in compliance with federal laws are regulations.

According to Kitty Higgins of the NTSB:

Though speed limit signs are clearly marked along I-75 near the Northside exit, the exit itself is not posted with speed limit signs. There are stop signs 300 feet from the end of the exit.

“We will be looking at the history of the design of those exits here and around the country,” Higgins said.

This NTSB investigation could add an interesting dynamic to this very tragic and unfortunate bus accident. If the NTSB ultimately finds violations in the manner in which the Northside exit ramp was designed and maintained, the Georgia Department of Transportation and the City of Atlanta itself could face potential liability in connection with this fatal accident.

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