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In a recent fatal accident in New York, a drunk driver was being chased by local authorties after being suspected of conducting a drug deal. A high speed chase insued and ended when the drunk driver crashed into a suburban home that left the homeowner dead. According to authorities the home owner was sitting in his living room when the drunk driver lost control of his vehicle and caused the victim’s death.

According to and the associated press:

Officers approached him and another man, believing they might be involved in a drug deal, at about 2:30 p.m. Thursday, police said. They said Mair was in a car and the other man was standing nearby at an intersection in North Amityville.
Mair sped off in the car, and the other man took off on foot and was arrested shortly after, police said.
Officers chased the car for about four minutes before it crossed a median and slammed into the home in Farmingdale, police said.

Charges are currently pending against the at fault drunk driver just as they should be. Because of this man’s reckless conduct, the family of the innocent home owner will now be left without a father, husband and friend. Any and all possible actions against this drunk driver should be taken to hold him accountable for his wanton and willful actions.

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