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What is a 61-year-old woman’s right parotid gland worth? That is the question in a medical malpractice case before a Fulton County jury after a doctor and his hospital conducted 13 different radiation treatments on the wrong side of Dariel Hurt’s face. The parotid gland, which helps produce silva, is located on the side of the face just below the ear and was permanently damaged as a result of these treatments. Hunt now endures a mouth that is constantly dry and has a loss of taste.

According to the

“I know that y’all know nobody is perfect,” Slover said during his closing arguments Wednesday.

“That holds true for physicians as with any other person.”

He suggested a figure close to $150,000.

Hunt’s attorney described Schwaibold as a good doctor who, in this case, acted negligently. He lobbied for $1 million or more.

It should be very interesting to see what the jurors in the case are going to do. In a jurisdiction that has had numerous defense verdicts in relation to medical malpractice claims here recently, this one is sure to be in the Plaintiff’s favor. Stay tuned to find out what this jury finds to be appropriate.

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