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New coverage and information concerning the Blue Ridge Auto Auction Accident has been released on the tragic event. Based on this report, a number of Blue Ridge Auto Auction employees and patrons were injured and taken to local hospitals.

A local blog has also been devoted to this unfortunate Blue Ridge Auto Auction incident wherein those close to hose injured are reporting on the status of the injured parties. The good news thus far is most seem to be getting better and on the road to recovery.

According to Kathy Collins in Greensboro, NC:

My 2 sons and Father was there; It took my boys 2 long minutes to go through the bodies (lying around on the floor)most were unconsious. So was my dad when they got to him. He was slammed under a car with another person crammed in behind him. He looks alot worse on the outside than he is on the inside; a broke leg; dislocated shoulder. His scrapes and bruises look terrible on his head, face, shoulder…all the way down his side.his leg looks terrible. X-rays were taken at 12:30 this morning, he finally got in a room at 2:15….He didn’t remember anything!(it happened so fast!) he’s 72 and WAS in great shape! He loved daily walking around the pro health track and would walk for 2 hours a day! That broke leg will slow him down!………pray for Papa Duke Collins he lives in Mt. Airy, NC (Mayberry) and my boys love going to the Blue Ridge Auto Auction……….their favorite!

According to BRidge1 in Elijay, Georgia:

My family knows the man that was taken to Atlanta Medical Center…have been told he was the worst case…with severe head trauma. His face is reported as being shattered, wth extensive swelling. But heard this morning he was doing somewhat better….keep praying for all these victims…its working!

Update on above post…just heard the man that was in extremely critical condition..has been upgraded to serious condition. Prayers are being answered! Thank you Lord.

Other video coverage of the Elijay auto auction accident has also just been released here as well.

All things considered these are positive updates Papa Duke Collins and the other gentleman noted above given all the recent developments. Hopefully the news of medical improvement will continue in the days ahead for all those involved.

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    michael thomas

    I was there that night I helped him out and talked to him. I was just wondering how he was. Your kids might remember me I was wearing a green carhart jac ket. If you can let me know how he is. I've often wondered how he is. He told me his name and when he was born. We are praying for his recovery.

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