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Last month while construction workers were working on building a “Canopy Walk” attraction at the Atlanta Botanical Garden, part of the structure gave way and collapsed.

This accident tragically took one worker’s life while eighteen others were injured. Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Federal officials are still investigating the cause of this tragic accident.

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Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported on one of the worker’s version of what happened that day. Tony Stovall landed on a “tangle of reinforced steel.” This steel was being used in the walkway he and the other construction workers were working on.

Tony Stovall said, “I bounced.” He is now using crutches and a brace for his chest and fractured back. He also has a special boot covering his fractured lower right leg.

Stovall said that when the walkway collapsed, many people were screaming. He laid on the ground, waiting for the firefighters to take him away in a stretcher.

Thankfully, no one was paralyzed in the terrible accident. Tony Stovall did not arrive home for Christmas but he and his wife had a late Christmas. His presents remained unopened when he came home. Doctors say that Tony Stovall will need to continue to wear his brace until his back is ok again. His leg is not fully mended either.

This is a terrible tragedy and our thoughts are with those workers injured and their families. We wish Tony Stovall a fast recovery.

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