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Recentyly two young children will killed in a car accident in Lexington County. The car accident occurred the Monday morning of June 22, 2009 about 8:45 a.m. at South Lake Drive near Bethany Church Road between Lexington and Pelion. The fatalities of the Chapin children, ages 5 and 3, were the result of a four-car wreck. Both their mother and two other drivers were sent to the hospital for injuries. There were two fatalities at the scene of the accident: Parker Hewitt, age 5, and his sister, Haley Hewitt age 3. The car involved was a 2001 Honda minivan. The Lexington county coroner, Harry Harman, said that both children where wearing seatbelts and were secured in their car seats properly.

Mother of Parker and Haley, Crystal Hewitt, was flown to the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta, Georgia. Crystal Hewitt is 30 years old. The last update reported on her status by Associate pastor Rick Jones indicates that she is conscious but may need back surgery. Crystal Hewitt works as a full-time assistant manager at her church’s Child Development Center, which is a licensed day-care facility. Crystal’s husband, Craig, works at a bank and runs his own photography business on the side.

Parker and Haley are the couple’s only children. The minivan had either stopped or slowed when it was struck from behind. Currently, accident reconstruction teams are investigating the potential possibilities. After the collision occurred another vehicle that was approaching the scene from the opposite direction was struck by the truck. Kenneth McGuire, age 56, of Lexington was driving the Kawasaki motorcycle. McGuire was airflighted to the Medical College of Georgia.

An investigation into the car wreck is still on going.

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  1. Gravatar for R. Gilbert
    R. Gilbert

    I am curious as to your, M. Brandon Smith, connection to this issue? You have only regurgitated a local news story from South Carolina. You've not provided any insight into the matter, nor any condemnation of the ignorant vehicle operation which leads to almost all motor vehicle collisions. Yes, this was a collision, not an accident or wreck. The tragedy which has stricken our community was entirely avoidable. An accident or, if you choose, wreck is an unavoidable event without negligence.

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