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Cynthia Dicks, a 51 year old Sumter native, hasn’t been able to see for twelve years. According to The Item, she is scheduled for surgery in Boston at a Harvard University-affiliated hospital in order to transplant a cornea in her right eye. If this procedure is successful, her vision will be restored.

About twelve years ago, Cynthia had an pneumonia. She had it so bad that she was given Septra (combination of two antibiotics that typically treat urinary tract infections). Then she had a rare allergic reaction known as Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, with symptoms such as rashes and burns, a fever, and swelling of her eyelids.

Cynthia said, “My whole body had peeled in 24 hours. The medicine had burned me all through my veins and everywhere.” Because of this rash, she had third-degree burns over her body. She then lost her left eye and was blinded.

Because of Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, she hasn’t shed a tear in 12 years. It dried out her tear ducts, saliva glands and sweat glands.

Cynthia has hope that she will be able to see again if this surgery is successful.

For more information on Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, check out our past blog here.

Stevens-Johnson Syndrome can result in anxiety, serious pain and suffering. If you or anyone you know has Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, you may want to contact the attorneys at Childers & Schlueter, LLP to see how they can help protect your legal rights.

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