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Canadian researchers recently discovered there is an increased risk of heart attack and other heart related problems when using Merck and Co.’s pain reliever Vioxx during the first two weeks. Previously, other studies emphasized the increased risks of heart related problems stemming from Vioxx after taking the drug for 18 months or more. These findings could have a huge impact on the over 11,000 lawsuits now pending against the drug manufacture.

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“The results emphasize first that we can’t necessarily assume that the risk takes 18 months or more to appear and that there’s a need for early monitoring of people who take these medications,” said Linda Levesque, a professor of community health and epidemiology at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ont.

“There are multiple lawsuits being argued in the States and there seems to be a line being drawn between those occurring earlier than 18 months as being non-viable and those occurring after.”

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