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The Federal Government recently broadened the eligibility criteria for its overseas medical treatment program by allowing a woman who developed toxic epidermal necrolysis (TEN) to seek treatment in Singapore for her sight related injuries. The deadly allergic reaction is commonly associated with causing vision problems in those who contract it and until recently those dealing with it have been limited to treatment only in the United States. Michelle Wylie, however, who has been completely blind since developing TEN, is set to have her first surgery in Singapore early next month to repair her vision. This is great news for those who have developed TEN and the related allergic reaction Steven Stevens Johnson Syndrome (SJS) . It marks awareness by the Federal Government and others in positions of authority as to the tragic implications associated with TEN and SJS. Those who suffer from TEN and SJS often feel they are in a world all by themselves and no one can help them in their greatest time of need. This however does not have to be the case. Speaking with an experienced TEN or SJS attorney about their situation could help more now than ever before. From helping with the expensive medical bills to helping the patient find the proper treatment to deal with their debilitating complications, an experienced TEN or SJS attorney can help. Ask to find out how.

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