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As an attorney, I always find myself looking for ways to help out a client in terms of the law. Sometimes however that is just not enough. Sometimes clients need their attorneys to help them find answers to everyday questions concerning their current injuries including suggestions on treatment and support. One main area that I have encountered this situation is in my dealing with those who have been affected by a severe and often times deadly allergic reaction called Stevens-Johnson syndrome (SJS) or its elevated equivalent Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis (TEN). Patients and their loved ones who have survived SJS and/or TEN often turn to me for additional support and advice. As a attorney who handles a number of SJS/TEN cases I often come across beneficial sites or groups that can aid in the recovery from such a debilitating ordeal. In that vain, I want to point those who have been affected in this manner to the SJS/TEN Support Group on Yahoo. It is a great group of people who share their stories and help one another in trying to cope with their injuries. Given all the things I have seen people go through who suffer from SJS/TEN, I would highly recommend it to anyone desiring more information on these conditions. Best of all it is free to join…

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