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Over the last year or so the connection between so called “independent” researchers and the pharmaceutical companies they review have drawn a lot of attention and criticism. The main reason for this is because of the fear of biased reports and reviews from well known researchers who receive benefits from the very manufactures of the products they are reviewing.

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Many leading doctors and scientists not only depend on money from the companies to fund their studies but also often have additional financial ties, either as speakers, consultants or advisers.

There’s also increasing concern about the influence the pharmaceutical industry may have on members of the advisory panels that issue drug recommendations to the Food and Drug Administration. The agency is currently drafting guidelines that would require more detailed disclosures of financial ties between panelists and drug companies.

The most recent effects of this problem is seen in the Vioxx litigation pending all over the U.S. Each trial shows how dangerous situations can arise when the governing body, usually the FDA or some similar group, gets to closely connected to the products they review. These problems ultimately end up affecting the unwary patients who take the drugs who otherwise might have been more informed about the risks associated with the product had the “independent” researchers taken a more objective approach. If you or a loved one have been adversely affected by a dangerous drug or product you might have a right to seek redress against the liable party. Contact one of our attorneys today to find out more information.

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