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Surprisingly, over 700,000 Americans go to emergency rooms each year because of adverse drug reactions from mainstream pharmaceutical drugs, reports PharmaLive. Furthermore, “adding insult to injury, many of these drugs are proving to be ineffective.”

The Public Library of Science concluded, after reviewing 47 clinical tables that this new generation anti-depressants have “little clinical benefit for most patients.”

The Center for Disease Control said that the “most common mainstream flu medicine [Tamiflu] is no longer effective.”

However, there is good news. PharmaLive says that the alternatives that we have in today’s society are allowing us to stop worrying about drug side effects. Gerald Celente, from Trends Research Institute, “sees a 2009 Whole Health Healing trend growing to the point where individuals take more responsibility for achieving and maintaining their health, increasingly reject prescription drugs, and may choose to only see the doctor for emergencies.”

The medicines supporting the trend of individual health responsibility are those based on homeopathic principals of using natural ingredients whenever possible as well as using the lowest dose necessary.

One recent customer survey by Liddell Laboratories “reveals that 75% of its customers choose its no-side-effect drugs because of their lack of toxicity, while 65% said it was also important that they can be safely used along with other medications.”

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