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In December of 2005 the Food and Drug Administration, along with the makers of Paxil, Glaxo Smith Kline, issued an alert advising of the possible risk of birth defects in pregnant women who use Paxil. For many new mothers like Lisa Collins who used the anti-depressant, the warning came too late. She recently had a son who was born with only half a heart. Collins, along with her doctors, attribute this birth defect to her use of Paxil during her pregnancy.

According to

Now, Collins believes it coul* have been prevented had her doctor warned her not to continue taking the anti-depressant drug Paxil.

“Had Lisa known about this, she wouldn’t have taken Paxil,” said attorney Robert Kwok.

Kwok now represents Collins in a liability and negligence lawsuit, suing her doctor and Glaxo Smith Klein.

“And we’re gonna ask that the jury consider punishing GSK,” he said.

More and more of these type cases are appearing everyday. Those who have been affected by Paxil should contact an attorney in their area immediately in order to protect their rights. Like Lisa Collins notes in this article, people should not have to go through this…

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