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A jury panel of 5 women and 5 men has been selected in the latest trial asserted against Vioxx in Atlantic City, New Jersey. In this trial, the drug manufacture Merck & Co. is defending its pain mediation against the allegations of Elaine Doherty, a 68-year-old grandmother who suffered a heart attack after taking Vioxx for 3 years.

According to Reuters. Com

“She had no idea that Vioxx could cause heart attacks,” Michael Galpern, one of Doherty’s attorneys, told Reuters. “She relied on Merck’s untruthful advertisements and she continued to take it up until it was withdrawn.”

Of six Vioxx cases to go to trial so far, Merck has won three and lost three, including a split decision in the last New Jersey trial in which Higbee tried two cases simultaneously.

Opening statements are scheduled to start today and the trial is expected to last approximately a month. The ramifications of this trial could be huge for the mega drug manufacture as it is still vowing to defend each and every one of the more than 12,000 Vioxx lawsuits currently filed against it one by one. Click here for more inforamtion on this latest Vioxx trial.

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