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Evidence has surfaced that suggests that Fosamax, a drug that millions of people use to help strengthen their bones, has been linked to bone fractures. Basically, the drugs that people are taking to cure a problem may actually be making the problem worse.

The problem first became public in 2008, when the FDA reported to Merck (the pharmaceutical company that produces Fosamax) several cases of femur fractures that were related to the use of the drug. These cases suggested that women who had taken the drug for more than five years were particularly susceptible to spontaneous femur fractures. Unfortunately, it took Merck more than one year to meaningfully respond to these reports; they have now posted warnings on their medication that femur fractures are a possible side-effect of using the drug.

But Dr. Richard Besser, senior health editor for ABC News, suggests that the FDA is not entirely in the clear either; according to him, the "FDA has… never made an effort to inform the public or doctors across the country who prescribe bisphosphonates of the possible side effect".

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