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Recently, FDA has announced the “first-ever human trial of a medical treatment, derived from embryonic stem cells” is now allowed.

WCSH6 reported that the company is planning on starting tests with this embryonic stem cell therapy on patients with spinal cord injuries.

This news is stirring up excitement among people. In fact, members of a spinal cord injury peer support group “are buzzing about Menlo Park Company’s efforts to use embryonic stem cell therapy on people with spinal cord injuries.”

Rich Patterson, the Clinical Peer Support Coordinator said, “I’ve always been optimistic that this type of research that Geron has just brought out is very hopeful for me and certainly for other people who have these injuries as well.”

Geron is a company that treats cancer and chronic degenerative diseases. They are “advancing an anti-cancer drug and a cancer vaccine that targets the enzyme telomerase through multiple clinical trials."

Now FDA has given Geron the green light to start the world’s first human clinical trial of embryonic stem cells. Geron plans on starting with about ten patients this year. The trial will include patients completely paralyzed and injured within 7 to 14 days.

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