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The FDA recently issued a warning against the use of Bismacine, also known as Chromacine, which is reportedly used to treat lime disease. The drug which is mixed by druggists and not considered a pharmaceutical, is usually proscribed and administered by doctors of alternative health or by others claiming to be medical doctors.

According to the FDA:

This product contains high amounts of bismuth, a heavy metal that is used in some medications taken by mouth to treat Helicobacter pylori (a bacteria that can cause stomach ulcers), but that is not approved in any form for use by injection.

On April 20, 2006, one person died as a result of treatment with bismacine, and on March 29, 2005, another person was hospitalized after receiving a bismacine treatment. Other individuals who have used or been administered this product have also suffered serious adverse events. Possible effects of bismuth poisoning include cardio-vascular collapse and kidney failure.

Dangerous products such as Bismacine can be very dangerous or even fatal for an unwary user. Individuals who believe they have suffered adverse events from receiving Bismacine may wish to seek both medical attention and legal advice to protect their rights.

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