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A black box warning may be added to the dangerous drug, Byetta. The use of Byetta has been linked to pancreatitis, causing at least six deaths. This type of drug is used to treat type two diabetes by lowering blood sugar levels.

The FDA issued its first warning regarding Byetta in 2007. Healthcare providers were warned that there was a potential association between pancreatitis and Byetta. After this warning, drug makers added warnings about the potential risk of pancreatitis to Byetta labels. The language of this warning is tough to find as it is buried in the prescription label. It was in 2008 when the FDA issued another alert. This alert went out to doctors explaining that there were six more cases of severe pancreatitis linked to Bayetta.

A black box warning would explain the potential side affects of Byetta. This type of warning is the strongest type that would be placed on the prescription medication. The side effects associated with Byetta include: nausea; pancreatitis; diarrhea; vomiting; gastroesphageal reflux disease; and hypoglycemia. Some of these side affects have led to Byetta lawsuits since there are links to Byetta and thyroaid cancer, pancreatitis, and impaired kidney function.

If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer or thyroid cancer while taking Byetta you may wish to call us at 800 641-0098 for a free consultation.

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