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The FDA recently issued a warning regarding ACTOS and the risk of developing bladder cancer. There have been recent studies suggesting that patients who take ACTOS longer than 12 months increase the risk of developing bladder cancer by 40 percent. These numbers are equal to an increase of three cases in 10,000.

ACTOS is an anti-diabetic drug used to treat Type 2 diabetes. It is also called pioglitazone HCI. The ACTOS drug is manufactured by Takeda Pharmaceutical Company and is used to help the patient’s body use its own natural insulin in order to help lower blood sugar and keep the levels in control.

FDA became aware of reports from patients suffering congestive heart failure after receiving treatment with pioglitazone containing products in both clinical trial and post marketing settings. FDA has now “determined products containing pioglitazone [to] pose a serious and significant public health concern requiring distribution of a Medication Guide.”

Despite the ACTOS medication posing serious health concerns, Takeda Pharmaceuticals has not been required to remove ACTOS from the market. However, the FDA has requested doctors to weigh the value of the drug for diabetic control against the potential and serious dangers to heart and bladder health.

If you are a patient who has been exposed to the danger and increased risk of bladder cancer, you may have the possibility of recovering damages through an ACTOS lawsuit.

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