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Mentally Ill Deemed Victims Of Neglect In Georgia According To One Investigation

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Are those who are deemed mentally ill or in need of psychiatric care seen as inferior or less important by society standards? If you live in the State of Georgia and base your opinion on the actions of those in charge of caring for these individuals, you just might be inclined to believe some do feel this way. In a recent investigation by Alan Judd of the Atlanta Journal Constitution, it has come to light that over 115 unexplained or suspicious deaths have resulted in the last 5 years within Georgia’s system of state psychiatric hospitals and mental institutions. Judd’s eye-opening findings shown here is just the first of what is expected to be a five part series highlighting the negligent and lax treatment our state’s mentally ill patients are currently receiving.

His findings thus far show a much more detalied investigation should be conducted to promote a more impromptive call to action to protect those who seemingly need it the most.