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Abusing A Nursing Home Resident Is Never Okay

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In a recent occurrence, a Greenwood caregiver at Emerald Gardens in South Carolina has been charged with physically abusing nursing home residents under her care. Lizette Henderson now faces six felony charges of abuse involving three men and three women between the ages of 69 and 94. Cases like this can make just about anyone sick to their stomach. How can anyone in their right mind see fit to abuse and mistreat our nations elderly population? It is a sad fact, but it happens everyday throughout the United States. Each nursing home is supposed to perform careful background checks on the people they hire and use to look after their residents. If they fail to do this or fail to immediately terminate an employee at the first suspected sign of abuse they can be held liable for any injuries that subsequently result due to their inaction. For more information on a possible nursing home abuse case contact one of our personal injury attorneys.