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Officer Arrests Suspect Then Wrecks His Car

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Officer Jesse Higgins, employed by the Grantville Police Department, arrested a suspect after he was found to be driving on a suspended license. The suspect reportedly told Higgins he could have a relative come and get the car but officer Higgins had another idea. Higgins decided to remove the car himself and eventually wrecked the vehicle after driving in excess of 100mph on the express way.

According to 11alive.com:

Witnesses say they saw the officer driving the car in excess of 100 mph, until he moved into the emergency lane, lost control, and crashed into the woods.

“Right now, we’re unclear as to what the decision-making process was,” said Police Chief Franklin Allen

“Under no circumstances was an officer to remove a vehicle himself,” Allen said. “Unless it was an extreme emergency situation.”

This act will unquestionably led to a casue of action by the vehicles owner to recover the damage sustained as a result of this officer’s wanton and careless acts. Let’s just hope these actions are punished in an apporiate manner and never repeated by an officer of the law.