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$5.6 Million Dollar Screwdriver

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A jury recently awarded $5.6 million to the family of Arturo Iturralde who had a screwdriver implanted in his spine after an orthopedic surgeon misplaced two titanium rods during the surgery. After cutting off the handle and placing the shaft of a stainless steel screwdriver in his patient’s back, the shaft broke three days later causing serious injuries to Mr. Iturralde. As a result, Mr. Iturralde underwent three additional surgeries to repair the damage, but ultimately died just two years later from related complications.

According to MSNBC.com

The jury determined Ricketson, 48, was negligent, and that the hospital was negligent for credentialing him and allowing him in the operating room, family attorney Mark S. Davis said.

Davis said earlier that Ricketson’s medical license had been suspended in Oklahoma and Texas before he came to the Big Island.

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