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Merck Sued Over Fosamax: Class Action Forthcoming?

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Everyone knows about the thousands of lawsuits the drug marker Merck is currently facing in regards to its now recalled drug Vioxx that reportedly increased the risk of heart attacks and strokes in it consumers. Now a Tennessee woman, Gwendolyn Wolfe, has filed suit over another Merck drug called Fosamax. Fosamax is a drug designed to combat osteoporosis but has been reported to cause patients’ jawbones to rot and die with long-term use.

According to WATE.com

“A substantial portion of her jawbone had to be removed and Dr. Carlson did that in surgery,” says Wolfe’s attorney, John Threadgill. “She’s still having significant pain and will for the rest of her life.”

Threadgill has filed a lawsuit seeking class action certification claiming Fosamax has injured countless patients around America. The suit also claims Merck knew about the problems but failed to report them.

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