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Lipitor Litigation Against Pfizer Increases

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Ten new personal injury lawsuits were recently filed against Pfizer Inc., charging the drug manufacturer with concealing health risks associated with its widely prescribed drug Lipitor. Lipitor, mainly used by those who desire to lower their cholesterol, has been linked to serious side effects which include among others nerve damage, memory loss, and other cognitive impairments.

According to Genengnews.com

The lawsuits, all filed in New York State Supreme Court on September 7, were brought on behalf of plaintiffs from Delaware, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, New Jersey, New York and South Carolina. More filings are expected in coming months.

“The lawsuits do not challenge Lipitor’s effectiveness in lowering cholesterol levels, nor do they contend that the drug is unsafe for all patients,” Attorney Krum said. “Rather, the suits charge that Pfizer has failed to adequately warn both doctors and consumers of Lipitor’s more serious and sometimes permanent heath risks.”