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Dodge Durango Design Defect Could Lead To Fire Hazard

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Do you own a Dodge Durango? If so you ought to be aware of a potential fire hazard that can exist in a number of the vehicles relating to the wiring mechanism associated with their manufacture. This investigation involves a woman who owned a Dodge Durango that caught fire and completely destroyed the entire the vehicle without warning or other ascertainable cause. Dodge recently recalled a number of other Durangos for similar wiring problems in vehicles that have bench seats without a console. This case however involves a Durango with bucket seats and questions are now being asked as to why a recall for these vehicles have not been included as well.

If you own a Dodge Durango, you are encouraged to take your vehicle to a local dealership to see if your vehicle is susceptible to a wiring defect. If that your vehicle is determined to be affected by this defect, it will be repaired free of charge in order to eliminate this potential risk and potentially dangerous defect.