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370 Confirmed Salmonella Cases Linked To Contaminated Peanut Butter

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According to federal health officials more than 370 cases of salmonella have been confirmed across more than 42 states as of last week. This news is just the latest update in what has become a nationwide problem for many people and families alike. This new number of 370 is only expected to grow as the investigation and research continues into the peanut butter salmonella outbreak that occurred in the ConAgra plant located in Sylvester, Georgia. According to many officials, hundreds, if not thousands of people and doctors alike are only now discovering and realizing that this contaminated peanut butter contamination either was or may have been the root cause of so many undiagnosed health problems. As the investigation by the FDA and the CDC continues, we should learn more about the situation and how to ensure such another outbreak never happens again.