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M. Brandon Smith

Study Questions Potential Healthcare Savings Gained by Tort Reform

Although many proponents of tort reform believe that fear of malpractice lawsuits prompts physicians to order unnecessary tests and indirectly drives up medical costs, a Rand Corporation study recently published in the New England Journal of Medicine found otherwise. The […]

M. Brandon Smith

Charlie’s Angels Charity Softball Tournament Set for Saturday, August 14, 2010

If you are in Forsyth County tomorrow, Saturday, August 14th, please participate in Charlie’s Angels, a charity softball tournament to benefit the family of Charlie Winters.
Charlie was…

M. Brandon Smith

Good Samaritan And Governor's Intern Struck And Killed By Drunk Driver

A 24 year old Georgia man was killed by a drunk driver shortly after 4:00 on the morning of June 19, 2010. According to The Augusta Chronicle, the victim, an intern for Governor Perdue who was…

M. Brandon Smith

Texas Day Care Licensing Needs Reform

With more and more two-parent households needing both parents to work outside of the home, and more single-parent households being created, the number of young children in daycare is rising. We…

M. Brandon Smith

Fatal Accident Occurs At Atlanta's Hartsfild-Jackson Airport

A fatal accident has recently been reported at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson Airport. Early reports indicate a man working on the Maynard Jackson International Terminal was struck by a large dump truck around 3:00 p.m. on Thursday. The man was immediately taken to nearby Grady Hospital but later died as a result of his injuries. The name of the man and other circumstances surrounding his tragic…

M. Brandon Smith

Fatal Hit and Run Accident Leads To Arrest Of Unlicensed 17 Year-Old Driver

The tragic death of an elderly Marietta man who was killed as a result of a hit and run driver has now lead to the arrest of 17 year-old Israel Ruiz. The decedent was reportedly turning left from Bells Ferry Road onto Cobb Parkway when Ruiz ran a red light and slammed into the decedent’s vehicle. He was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital but subsequently died two days later due to his injuries…

M. Brandon Smith

Construction Worker Crushed To Death While On The Job

Everyone knows construction sites can be very dangerous if the proper attention and precautions are not taken. The incident that took place Richland Creek Road in Buford, Georgia where a Gwinnett County man was crushed to death at his work site is just the latest tragic example. According to authorities and OSHA officials investigating the construction site, a 63-year-old man was crushed to…

M. Brandon Smith

Water Drinking Contest Ends In Death

After a the death of a young mother in a recent water drinking contest held by a local radio station in California, a wrongful death lawsuit has now been filed on her behalf by the family members left behind. It is alleged that the contest promised a Nintendo Wii to the person who could drink the most water in a single sitting without going to bathroom. As a result of the contest, Jennifer…